Levitating, Mexican food, the gift of fire, and Church on the beach. Los Angeles I’m yours, etc.!

Put your party hats on.

Merry Catmas from the family.

Flew home to LA, made a beeline for the beach.

East Coast Xmas Gang, 2013

Christmas party wagon with the boys to Boston, cold weather vibes and “surprise” Christmas tree shopping, and a bad loss my first time playing Settlers of Catan. This is a cozy time.

Back in central PA and the snow arrives, so I invest in pink hats and devote some time to Springsteen. We moved out of our department offices at the University so everyone is scattered around in various buildings downtown and Christmas is coming.

Beach times and birthday times and the telltale signs of winter.

November and Thanksgiving times in MA, CT. Of note: I bought a $5 yellow hat (very cheerful), Joel bought me a $1 gold coin (not real gold), there was a lot of rain, and Josh and I are the masters of the birthday Tshirt. Hooray!

DC, passenger view.